Do not pass this page. It will be interesting to you to get acquainted with creativity of non-uniform Ukrainian poetess Tatyana Frolovoi. From the early childhood she has lost sight, and has not obeyed the rigid below. For this reason her first poetic collection carries the name “the Call of destiny”. The second poetic collection “Flooding” symbolizes overflow by feelings: love, angers, beauty, desires of goods. “Solosing” is an own melody in the poetic world, own solo that have felt everyone who capable to perceive poetry.

” Scoop waters in a palm ” – the star collection of the poetess. Here the author have crystallized in the maturity, giving to us the completed verses and poems. ” Follows Singarevycha ” is a book special: memoirs on Lvov bandura player Jury Danilіva, here are collected that in hard times of the Soviet authority has based a chapel of bandura players “Carpathian mountains”.

The poetess was supported by known academician Nikolay Mushinka – the Doctor of Philology foreign member НАН of Ukraine. In Pryashev і behind his(its) assistance the first part of the autobiographical trilogy ” has left Shall bow to the ground ” – ” the Track from a gate “. “The fairy Tale behind a fairy tale ” – a gift to children, the world of the Ukrainian fairy tale interesting and not always traditional. Here are bound folklore with author’s understanding of children’s psychology.

It is a lot of some more books it would be possible to issue, as it is written it is a lot of, but there is no means. If among those who will become interested Tatyana Frolovoi’s in creativity, there are people which have an opportunity to support the unseeing poetess and begin sponsors of its(her) future books, means can be sent